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I grew up in the northern flat plains of rural Illinois surrounded by corn and bean fields. Beautiful warm and breezy in the summer, but blustery and freezing in the winter. I am from a very large family with nine brothers and three sisters. For obvious reasons, sharing and caring was part of our everyday philosophy.

In my 20’s I became interested in nursing and worked as a CNA in Long Term care facilities. Along with assisting my patients with their medical needs, my desire was to ease some of the stress patients and families feel when dealing with health issues. I pursued educational advanced training and before retiring I worked 15 years at the VA in Marion, Illinois first as an LPN in the VA clinics and then as an RN in ICU and triaging calls in the Call Center.

My husband Bob and I are blessed to have three children, seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren. I also have a feisty Yorkie named Lucy. We moved to The Villages® three years ago in search of warmer weather and year-round activities. We golf together as often as we can. I’ve also joined the Quilting Guild where I’ve met some wonderful people who use their skills to donate quilts to those in need.

Becoming a Realtor was a natural fit for me. Now instead of caring for patients, I provide caring and professional guidance to my real estate clients. I have taken my Real Estate training just as seriously as I did my medical training. If you are ready to start this next step in your journey, I would be very excited to help you find your next dream home or sell your current one so you can pursue your next adventure. Call me and let's start your next journey together.