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Gladis Mata

The Villages Florida Realtor, Gladis Mata

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I still remember the excitement of buying our first home. We had an amazing realtor who was there for us from start to finish. She didn’t just help us pick out the perfect home for our family, she built a beautiful relationship with us in the process.

That was when I first realized I wanted to become a realtor one day too. Prior to getting into real estate, I was in the medical field for a long time. It should be obvious how much I enjoy helping people and building relationships with them!

In my spare time, I work out, go running, or hang out at home with my beautiful children and husband Gabriel. I’ve lived in Florida since my parents moved here from California when I was seven years old. I graduated from The Villages Charter School, and that is now where our own kids attend.

If there’s anything you want to know about our schools, neighborhoods, or surrounding areas, just ask me. I love helping clients find the perfect home where they can build amazing memories!! And, I also speak Spanish!